Angel Voices 2006

【Angle Voices】




libera - angel voices  (東芝EMI TOCP-70100)  (C)2006 / Directed&conducted by Robert Prizeman, Produced by Robert Prizeman & Ian Tilley



1.*Far away.....3:14 - solo: Michael Horncastle
2.*Sanctus.....3:07 - solo: Edward Day
3.*Ave Maria.....4:07 - solo: Conor O'Donnell
4.Going home(radio edit).....4:02 - solo: Michael Horncastle, Tom Cully
5.**Be Still My Soul.....3:57
6.*Salva me.....3:19 - solo: Tom Cully
7.*I Vow To Thee My Country.....3:19 - solo: Michael Horncastle, Edward Day, Joshua Madine
8.**Voca Me.....4:47 - solo: Joseph Platt, Christopher Robson, Anthony Chadney
9.*Always with you.....3:27 - solo: Tom Cully
10.***We are the lost.....4:22 - solo: Michael Horncastle, Tom Cully
11.*I am the Day.....4:43 - solo: Ben Crawley
12.***Recordare.....4:56 - solo: Conor O'Donnell, Joseph Sanders-Wilde
13.*Abide with me.....3:27 - solo: James Vereycken
14.Silent night.....3:20 - solo: Tom Cully, Edward Day
15.Going home.....4:29


  Amazon Music Sampler
1. Far Away Listen
2. Sanctus (Based on Canon by Pachelbel) Listen
3. Ave Maria Listen
4. Going Home - Radio Edit (Based on the Largo from the Symphony No. 9 'Fr  
5. Be Still My Soul Listen
6. Salva Me Listen
7. I Vow to Thee, My Country Listen
8. Voca Me Listen
9. Always with You Listen
10. We Are the Lost Listen
11. I Am the Day Listen
12. Recordare Listen
13. Abide with Me Listen
14. Silent Night  
15. Going Home (Based on the Largo from the Symphony No. 9 'From the New Wo Listen