Soloist : Liam Connery


VVeni, sancte spiritus, lumen cordia

VVeni dator munerum, Pater pauperum

LLux creator optime, sancte spiritus


IIin aeterna lux credentium

sSempiterna lumen cordium

iIin aeterna sancte spiritus


CCreator, mysterium, O lux creator optime

bbeata fidelium sit sempiterna gloria



Come, holy spirit, beacon for [our] hearts,

come, O giver of gifts, Father of the poor,

light, most excellent creator, holy spirit


A light for believers for ever,

an everlasting beacon for our hearts,

O holy spirit for ever.


Creator, mystery, O light, most excellent creator,

be the blessed & everlasting glory of the faithful.

Latin translation by Ed.

Sancte / サンクテ




聖霊よ来たれ 心の光よ

来たれ 天寵を授くる御方 貧しき者らの父よ

最上の創造者よ 聖霊よ





永遠にあれ 聖霊よ



神秘なる創造者 光なる最上の創造者よ

信じる者の祝福あれ 不滅なる栄光あれ