Join Date: 1999
Leave Date: Unknown
Date of Birth: Tuesday, 20th August 1991



Joe Platt has contributed to Libera's overwhelming musical standard, particularly over the last couple of years, with his remarkable ability to sing higher than anybody else. His razor sharp precision of pitch and bell-like purity is astounding to every ear. This is clearly evident in several songs from Libera's album Free, such as "Be Still My Soul" and "Voca Me" and his uncredited moments on other tracks such as "I am the Day", where he stars as both a regular soloist and conjurer of high-note motifs.

Over a short period of time Joe has developed from being a leading high-note soloist to singing solo works written specifically for his voice. One of these is "Stay With Me" which was Joe's first solo song and one of (Libera's director) Robert Prizeman's compositional gems. "Stay With Me" can be heard on Free and has been an instant hit with Libera fans across the globe. Another of Joe's songs which has hit the popularity stakes is the old chestnut "When a Knight Won His Spurs", also part of Free. In addition, Joe has enjoyed playing a major role in many live concerts in which Libera have participated, especially throughout 2004 and 2005.



Info based on Japanese Copin magazine profile, 2005.
Second Treble
Hi I'm Joe but because there are two Joes everyone calls me Joe number one. I like performing because I can become a completely different person on the stage, it gives me loads of confidence.

When I am not singing I am playing the drums with my band. Thanks for supporting us.