Join Date: 1999
Leave Date: Unknown
Date of Birth: Tuesday, 23rd October 1990



Chris Robson was always a valued member of the St. Philip's Choir, from his first choir rehearsal in the late 1990's, to his last Libera concerts in the mid-2000s. The first TV appearance for Chris was during the "Onward Christian Soldiers" shown on Songs of Praise in 1999.

Particular solo credits include a prominent part in one of Libera's most celebrated songs of 2004, "Voca Me", which has featured on many classical compilation cds and is played regularly on Classic FM TV in the UK.

Another highlight for Chris was singing alongside Aled Jones as a soloist in the song "Do You Hear What I Hear?" which can be heard on two of Jones' recent chart topping albums and on two other of Aled's CDs - a re-release of the CD Aled and a compilation of several tracks spanning the treble and adult career of Aled Jones.

In other instances Chris is known for providing a sensitive second melodic line in duets, as demonstrated with Ben Crawley in two videos of the song "Twilight is Stealing", which is also a track on Libera's album Free.