Join Date: Unknown
Leave Date: Unknown
Date of Birth: Thursday, 31st August 1989




Anthony Chadney is an experienced Libera chorister and has contributed strongly to the choir's output for many years. His talents as a soloist shone on Libera's latest album Free. "Voca Me" became an instant hit at the beginning of 2004, as illustrated by its regular appearance on Classic FM TV in the UK and the inclusion on many classical compilation albums since the song's release.

Possibly Anthony's greatest moment was in a song that was written to highlight the technique and timbre of his voice - "A New Heaven". His powerful yet melliflous tone provides the perfect ambience for the song and it is no wonder Anthony has been turning heads worldwide.

Please note: The photo used in this profile is not up-to-date and was taken from a video broadcast sometime in 2004.